Them’s The Breaks

Did you see that? The yellow puff dancing in that toddler’s hand. The wide-eyed mirror of chick to child and child to chick. Which animal do you think is happier to be alive today?

Did you see the news? The President pardoned a turkey, a big turkey. The kids seem to think its cute, next year they’ll think its boring. The President seems to think he could use more of these light-hearted days. The reporter wonders why she’s there early in the morning at the world’s most potent monument of power to watch a turkey.

But did you just see the turkey her wipe her brow, bow her head and weep? Did you read the APA study about the high levels of post-traumatic stress among previously pardoned turkeys? Did you know that most of them don’t live a full year post-pardon? You must know that turkeys are bred for meat, not for life. Do they feel lost without their prior sense of purpose?

But just in time, a family of ducks starts to cross the road. Can you believe the mother didn’t look both ways? That reminds me, I think I need new brakes.


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